A Culture of Curiosity

Inqurio is a collective of passionate, professional change agents. With an unquenchable curiosity, we approach all problems with enthusiasm, optimism and with the knowledge and confidence that change can occur. We don’t tend to boast too much about what we know, as we are much more interested in what we don’t know!

For us, uncovering the underlying drivers of your challenges is half the fun—we take time to truly understand you, your organisation’s culture and the issue/s at hand, before we collaborate with you to develop the best possible solution.

We always strive for more effective ways of helping you succeed. Although consummate professionals and results focused, we are also occasionally cheeky, frequently irreverent, and, from time to time, downright playful.

If you’re curious about our facilitators, please take a moment to read their profiles.

our people

It’s rare to find a team that shares a similar thirst for knowledge and dedication to their work, let alone a good sense of humour. At Inqurio, our backgrounds vary, as do our areas of specialisation, but we each share a dedication to helping others to find meaning and purpose based upon what they do, who they are and what they can bring to their work and relationships.

So much of what we do involves getting to know you, and your people. Here we invite you to gain some insight into ours.

ANDREW LEE, Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Inqurio, much of Andrew’s time is dedicated to business development and program design. Andrew maintains a keen interest in the evolving practices of leadership training and change management.

Andrew has designed and delivered organisational development programs throughout Australia, South East Asia and the Middle East. The universal nature of his approach has enabled him to achieve success in both the public and private sector, in industries as diverse as oil and gas finance, education, health and retail. Curious by nature and always looking for more effective ways to engage, explain and educate, Andrew has been focusing on building curiosity as a catalyst for learning and problem solving. In 2010, he delivered a plenary on “Cultivating Curiosity” at the International Conference on Thinking in Kuala Lumpur.

Among his many career highlights, he has acted as lead facilitator on several year-long leadership programs for the NAB, trained hundreds of leaders for the ABS, and he is currently leading a team facilitating a safety-focussed, culture change program for approximately 2,000 people. In February 2013, he completed training over 150 indigenous Papua New Guineans in cultural self-awareness, to support their assimilation into a western multi-national culture.

On working at Inqurio, Andrew says:

“I get paid to satisfy my curiosity, I love researching better ways to teach and learn, and it’s always deeply satisfying to see someone’s lights turn on. I see a key part of my role as an explainer—I help simplify complexity and make ideas make sense.

My job enables me to meet like-minded souls who believe that work can be enjoyable, and then to work with them to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. My favourite part is not knowing the answer to something (yet), curiosity (self and others), and seeing people, especially children, become aware of their potential.”

Personal motto:

“Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?”

ROBERT MEREDITH, Senior Consultant

Robert joined Inqurio as a senior Associate in 2012. From 1998 to 2008, he was a founder member of McKinsey’s leadership development team, Mindsets and Capabilities, working on the design and delivery of their major culture change and leadership development client programs in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, North and South America, South Africa, India and the Middle East.

He also played an extensive role in cultural transformation within McKinsey itself, leading internal programs for McKinsey offices worldwide. Robert has worked with a diverse range of industries, including Banking, Telcos, Oil, Gas and Coal, Steel, Legal Firms, Retail, Building, Construction and Insurance.

From 2008 to 2011, Robert worked as an independent consultant and as an Executive Coach. He is accredited in several diagnostic instruments and profiles.”

On working at Inqurio, Robert says:

“I’m very good at getting to the core of complex concepts or situations, distilling that into something that has practical application and utility, and enrolling program participants into taking that out and putting it into practice.

I really enjoy those times when something clicks inside, and from then on you’re in flow, in the zone, feeling incredibly energised and really connected to the group I’m working with.”

Personal motto:

“We’re not human beings trying to be spiritual, we’re spiritual beings trying to be human.”

PETER SHEARER, Facilitator and Coach

Peter, a senior Associate at Inqurio, has been facilitating, consulting and coaching for over fifteen years. He was contracted to McKinsey & Company’s Mindsets and Capabilities practice from 2001 to 2010. In that decade, he worked as a facilitator, consultant and coach, designing and delivering leadership and culture change programs in over thirty countries across a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, mining, financial services, banking and education.

He is accredited in a raft of coaching instruments, and has a degree in Humanities. His workshops are known for high levels of engagement, quality outcomes and having great fun.

On working at Inqurio, Peter says:

“I thrive on the constant learning, the great people I meet and the variety of experiences and locations that comes with the dynamic nature of this work.

I have a background in martial arts (33 years) and humanities. I often bring the Martial Art principles of focus, centeredness, balance, engagement, flow, adaptability, mindfulness, into the process. This ‘left of field’ approach has proven very effective with individuals and organisations across many different cultures and countries.”

Personal motto:

“Add value at every opportunity.”

PETER GUITRONICH, Facilitator and Coach

Peter is an accomplished presenter, facilitator and coach. His background and experience in the business world, as well as his passion for psychology and human behaviour, enables him to develop and facilitate meaningful and practical leadership development programs that promote increased effectiveness within organisations.

Peter’s interpersonal style is accessible and respectful, making him a much sort after facilitator and coach. He has extensive experience in the mining, banking and education sectors. While he loves his work, it is only a part of his busy and varied life. He juggles a family with three children, a surf life saving responsibility, a budding tennis career and a golf handicap of 14.

On working at Inqurio, Peter says:

It has provided me with an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and develop new ways of approaching ‘age old problems’.

Personal motto:

I challenge myself on a daily basis to live my life by being present to the situation at hand, connecting with the people in my life and making a contribution to others.


WARREN HUXLEY, Facilitator

Specialising in the areas of cultural change, leadership, teamwork and safety, Warren brings over 30 years of change management expertise to the Inqurio team. He has dedicated much of his professional career to working within the corporate arena, and focuses on helping managers and leaders to reflect on their personal effectiveness, further developing strategies with them to enhance their capability.

Warren is arguably the most introverted member of the Inqurio team, but this has allowed him to focus his skills on observation, revealing some powerful insights.

On working at Inqurio, Warren says:

“I’ve had so many amazing experiences, such as spending time discussing emotional responses and empathy in real life situations with someone who was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome, or having to explain smell to someone suffering from anosmia (inability to smell).

I enjoy the diversity of people’s experiences and their stories. I’m a bit introverted myself, but it has made me a great listener.”

Personal motto:

“Carpe Diem (or, the equally philosophical ‘shut up and listen Warren!’)”